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The phantom of the opera is here...

The philosopher and the queen
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That's right, people! I have gotten in touch with Roadrunner Records and am having a contest to see what you fans out there can create to show your love to Nightwish! I have some amazing prizes coming from Cradle of Filth to signed Within Temptation posters to awesome Nightwish stuff too! Whoever creates the most awesome fan artwork wins, but you had better hurry! I am only taking submissions until November 30. After that, its over and we will begin planning something new and exciting for you fans!


1) No ripping off other artists. Come on, now.. lets be creative.
2) You can use any medium, as long as you post it to the community here. Digital, drawn, painted, anything at all. I want some great entries!
3) Keep it clean. I dont wanna see what Tuomas and Annette and the rest of the crew look like naked in your humble opinion, but you are allowed to attempt to make them even hotter if you like! just keep it clean, please.
4) This is not officially sponsored by the band, so please make sure that you dont have that assumption, as I do not wanna get tangled up in legal mumbo jumbo over this!
5) I will keep a copy of your work of art in case you lose it or need it for anything, so if you want it back just ask!
6) PLEASE keep large images under a cut. We love you and your work, but we dont like our friends lists to be all crazy whacked out!
7) HAVE FUN!!!

ps-- if anyone needs anything or has any questions, I am Candy your friendly neighborhood moderator and would LOVE to hear from you. Please feel free to email me at creaturesthatkissedincold@Hotmail.com or IM me on AIM as redsquarereznor, YIM as beautyofdecay, or MSN as creaturesthatkissedincold@Hotmail.com. I am also on Myspace as www.myspace.com/thelastdancecandy and the same on MYSPACE IM.

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Hello and welcome to Nightwish Fans: a community dedicated to the Finnish metal band "Nightwish". In this community you can post whatever you want as long as it refers to the band or any of the band members. I don't want to ban anyone from this community so please respect the rules (listed down below) and have a fun time posting!

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1. Please try to stay on topic. Basically this includes anything like Nightwish concert dates, band member information, album information etc (I think you get what I mean).
2. I am not that bothered by adverts being posted into the community. But if you wish to use an image please use a LJ cut so then the community doesn't look messy.
3. All images should be place under a LJ cut so then it doesn't take users that long to load the whole page :]
4. If you wish to post any rude things (which I doubt you will but what the heck) please place them under a LJ cut with a warning so users can decide if they want to view the post.
5. No fighting or bitching sessions pleaseee!

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dovetail66 is the owner of this community.

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Well thats everything :] I can't really think of what else to write but anyway enjoy the community! and PLEASE get involved!!!!